Tuesday Tutorial with Jamie

Hi everyone, Jamie here, one of Kelly’s Creative Team gals.  It’s been awhile since I’ve written up a how-to tutorial. I work in CS5 and had been disappointed that I couldn’t recolor elements as quickly and easily as I did in PSE. Last month I learned a new method, which is even easier than before! This works great with line work or more solid elements. Items with texture will need some tweaking, but it can still be done.
For this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to re-color Kellybell’s Mickey Splats. These can be used in a number of ways and are even more versatile in other colors. First open your file in Photoshop.
Next you’ll want to Click on Layer–New Fill Layer–and Solid Color.
Now you are going to choose the color you want. This can be from your swatches or a color you have selected from your layout. Click OK when you have the look you want.
If the item you are recoloring has any texture, such as this splat, you’ll want to play around with your blending modes in order to regain the texture you want. Here the multiply looked the best, although it did change the color slightly. It can take some trail and error, but I feel it’s so worth the effort to get just the color and look that you want.
If you’re using a solid line item, such as some simple word art or text, you would be finished with the previous step and not have to worry about the blend modes. Since discovering this method I have been recoloring like crazy! It really is a simple technique and one that I’m sure you’ll use often.
Here’s a page that I created with the splat, changed to coordinate with Mickey!

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