1. Can I return or exchange a digital product I purchased?

All Kellybell Designs’ products are digital merchandise and available for immediate download after purchase. They are not refundable or exchangeable. I do not issue refunds or credits. Please be sure to check your scrapping stash to avoid any duplicate purchases. Also, some items in the store have been previously offered as Facebook Freebies or Mousescrappers Participation Prizes. It is your responsibility to check your product inventory prior to making a purchase.

2. How long do I have to download my purchases?

Download links are active for 7 days or 5 download attempts, whichever comes first. Please download your files, unzip them, and check your purchases within this time limit. It is highly recommended to make the appropriate backups. For security purposes, the links expire after that time frame and are not available for downloading.

3. How do I get links reset if they’ve expired?

If you are not able to download your products in the given time frame, you have 30 days from the purchase date to request an order reset. Send an email with the title “30-Day Order Reset” to kellybell.designs@gmail.com and include your order number to expedite the reset process. Within the 30 day window, you may request 1 reset per order for free. Requests for resetting links multiple times or for orders older than 30 days will be charged an administrative reset fee.

4. What happens after 30 days or if my hard drive crashed. Can I get some older orders reset?

Occasionally technical difficulties may make your digital files inaccessible. It’s critical to backup your files on a regular basis onto an external hard drive or online storage service, or burn them to a CD or DVD. After the initial 30 day window to download your files has expired, if you would like your order download links reset, there is a $20 reset fee. Send an email to kellybell.designs@gmail.com with “Fee Based Order Reset” in the subject line, please include your order number to expedite your request. Please allow up to 72 hours for order reset requests to be processed. You will be sent a Reset Fee Paypal invoice. Once this fee has been paid, the links will be re-activated. Orders purchased before February 1st, 2012 cannot be reset (2/1/2012 was the opening date of my new store and order system).

5. Can I share these digital files with my friends or create freebies with them for my blog?

All of my digital products are for personal use only. They may not be shared with friends or distributed in any way (even if they were downloaded for free). Please direct your friends directly to my website where they can download or purchase items for themselves. Sharing/redistributing/selling these files to others is piracy and is ILLEGAL. Creating and distributing freebies is not allowed..


Kellybell Designs Terms of Use

Last updated Sept 2012

These designs are copyrighted (c) 2012 Kelly Ditmore/Kellybell Designs *These terms are retroactive and apply to all previously released products as well as future released products unless otherwise specified.*

By placing an order or downloading my products, you are given a license to use my designs, you are not purchasing my designs, and you are also agreeing to the terms outlined in this document.

All my products are digital and available for download immediately after purchase and as such are NON-REFUDABLE OR EXCHANGEABLE.

My products may be used for PERSONAL USE or for SCRAP4HIRE under these limited terms. NO COMMERCIAL USE is allowed.

Do NOT SHARE or DISTRIBUTE these files.

YOU MAY NOT: Re-sell or claim these products as your own creations. You may not alter these images and then claim them as your own. You may not use any portion of these kits in any commercial work aside from Scrap4Hire outlined below. You may not share or distribute these products under any circumstances, even if they were downloaded for free. Please direct your friends directly to the website where they can download or purchase items for themselves. Sharing/redistributing/selling these files to others is piracy and is ILLEGAL. I will not take piracy lightly and will pursue monetary damages should I find my designs being pirated. You may not use these designs to create pornographic, violent, immoral, racial, or other offensive works. YOU MAY: Post your completed layouts and projects in online galleries and submit designs created using these products to magazines or online publications, provided you give proper credit to Kellybell Designs at Kellybelldesigns.com Alter the products (size, color, etc.) to fit your personal scrapbooking needs. Please make sure you BACKUP your files. You are allowed to copy these files to your own external hard drive(s) so long as the HDs are only for backup purposes and will not be shared with others. Feel free to create gifts and pages for friends and family, provided they are receiving flattened JPEG or printed pages.


You MAY use my designs to decorate your PERSONAL blog as long as all items are used at 72 dpi (resolution) and credit is given to me somewhere on your blog (list the kits name(s), my name, and my store. i.e.(Cinderelly by Kellybell Designs at kellybelldesigns.com). This does NOT give you the right to create blog templates. The ability to use my designs on your blog applies only to YOU and the blog designs you create with my products may not be shared/redistributed. You may NOT use my designs to decorate your blog without written consent if the blog is commercial and used in ANY WAY to earn money or to promote your business without written consent. You may NOT use my designs for any other web design without written consent.


Please contact me prior to using my designs in your blog design business. I like to know who is using my designs for this purpose. Email me at kellybell.designs@gmail.com.  Blog designers who offer CUSTOM services to individual clients may use my designs under these terms to create custom blog designs for clients: The blog design must be completely unique to each client. You may NOT create premade blog sets and distribute them or alter them and install them. The design must be new and tailored to each client. If you are unsure whether your services would be considered “custom,” please contact me. The product must be purchased each time it is used for a different blog design project. For example, if Jessica wants you to use my “Belle of the Ball” kit on her blog and then later Lauren hires you to do her blog and she also wants “Belle of the Ball” on her blog, the kit must be purchased TWICE, meaning purchased each time a customer is wanting a custom design with my kit. Please adjust your prices accordingly. You may incorporate this charge into your pricing structure. You may NOT use my designs to decorate any blogs that promote pornographic, immoral, racist, violent, or other offensive subjects/material. You may not use my designs to create blog designs if the blog is used to promote a business/commercial venture WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT. I reserve the right to deny use of my designs on commercial blogs so please contact me before starting such a project.


You MAY use these designs to create custom pages, cards, announcements, and scrapbooks for individual clients for compensation, provided that the client only receives printed copies OR FLATTENED .jpg pages. Each page/project MUST be custom made for each client. You may not create pages that you use over and over for different clients. Also, you may not advertise any pages for sale. You may post your pages to an online gallery to show a sampling of your work, but it must be clear that clients can’t pick and choose pages you have previously created. Once again, pages MUST be custom and UNIQUE to each client. You may not use my designs for high volume sales. You are limited to selling no more than 20 hard copies of the scrapbook/scrap pages to the client. However, if you create a custom baby announcement or other announcement or invite, you may print up to and no more than 150 copies so the client may send the card/invite to family and friends. If you need to print more than listed above, please contact me for special consideration. Photographers may also use my designs to create announcements and cards for clients (also limited to the 150 copies above).

You MAY NOT use QUICK PAGES/QPs/PREMADE PAGES FOR S4H. You ABSOLUTELY MAY NOT use my designs in any way to create QPs/QUICK PAGES/PREMADE pages or TEMPLATES either for free or for sale. This is considered direct competition for any QPs or templates I create with my own designs and will NOT be tolerated. You may NOT use my designs to design your webpage for your S4H business. You MAY use it to design your personal BLOG.

Please contact me at kellybell.designs@gmail.com if you have any questions, comments, or concerns and enjoy your download

24 thoughts on “FAQ / TERMS OF USE

  1. Hi Kelly! I love your stuff and wanted to order as we have just returned from Disneyworld. My problem is that I do not have a Paypal account and had wanted to pay strictly by Credit card and don’t see that option. I know you are on holidays but I hope we can sort this before the sale is over. I will look into Paypal if necessary.
    Thanks, Kim Meyerman

    • I’m sorry Kim but as of right now PayPal is the only option for purchasing kits for me. It protects both the buyer and the seller and it’s the most convenient.

  2. Hello, I was wondering if your new “That Covers It Templates” will work for Story Book Creator. I do not see that you mention “page” as a style type. Please let me know because I want to buy them if I can use them in Story Book. thanks

  3. Hi! I stumbled onto your site and your pages look incredible! We just got back from Disneyworld and I wanted to make a book through Shutterfly. If I purchase your products, is it possible to use them to make my book but print on Shutterfly somehow? Thanks

    • Hi Kimberly!
      Thank you for your kind words on the blog!
      You can most certainly use my products to make a book of pages to upload to Shutterfly to print!!
      You just upload your pages and arrange them into your desired order and print!
      Happy Scrapping!
      ♥ Kelly

  4. I am new to digital scrapbooking, and wanted to know if I could use your files in Paint Shop Pro x6 Ultimate? I have never used the program (just got it) and wanted to get items to use in the program. Also, I want to buy a lot of files – how can I find out how large they are before downloading? Thanks!

    • I’m not familiar with Paint Shop Pro x6 Ultimate, but as long as you can open and edit .png files and .jpeg files you will be able to use all my kits. I did a tiny bit of research on that program and found this video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3lhJzZQnCY It looks like Paint Shop Pro X6 is great for scrapbooking.

      As for how large the zip files are before you purchase them, I don’t have exact figures on the size of each download. I suppose it all depends on the size of the kit but I do separate each kit into 3 downloads to keep the zips at manageable downloads.

  5. Hello Kelly I am new to digital scrapbooking . We are returning from that Magical Place and I was going to do a paper scrapbook but I have decided to do digital instead. What software do you suggest?

  6. Hi, Although I do LOVE digital scrapbooking, I have not created my own pages from scratch as of yet. I tend to start books and not always finish them. We just got back from a Disney vacation and my goal is to create a book in a week max. So, I thought I’d buy a few pages and embellishments to use with Shutterfly pages. Do you know if your embellishments can be uploaded directly to Shutterfly? Are they jpeg files? Thanks!

  7. Hi Kelly, I’m having trouble logging onto your site. Apparently, I changed my password and forgot it. I did press the “forgot password” link but nothing has been sent for a reset. If you could check that, I’d appreciate it,

  8. I love all of your work! I was wondering if these files be imported into my Silhouette program and print/cut or can they only be opened with photoshop?

    • Hi Kristi,
      All of my products are either .png form (the elements) or .jpeg form (the papers) so as long as the program supports those forms yes you should be able to use them.

  9. Hi;
    I am totally new to digital scrapbooking and love your pages. We are getting ready to head out for our first Disney experience so I have a feeling I’ll be back to shop soon. Just wondering if your products can be uploaded to “photo book Canada” programs…this what I have used in the past to make photo books. Thanks

    • Hi Amy!
      I have on experience with “photo book Canada” programs, but all of my products are either .png form or .jpeg form so as long as the software supports those forms yes you should be able to use my products with it.

  10. Have you had anyone use your stuff with Panstoria Artisan? I’m just wondering if the two are compatible. Thanks!

  11. I thought the 50% off sale was through 9/25; however, I just logged on at 3:30 am on 9/25 and the sale prices are GONE…help!!!

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