Sneak Peek giveaway!

Here is a peek at what I have coming up for you guys on Friday!Β And one lucky commentor will win this kit. As you know I am planning a trip to Disney World with my 3 daughters this summer, and because all of your previous comments have helped me so much, I thought I would get some more tips from my wonderful followers. I am always looking out for different and creative photos with the characters, is there anything special you do while posing with your favorite character to make the pic a little unique and not just the same old photo year after year? I always take the normal shot and then tell the girls to make a silly face for the next one just to make it fun, but would love to try something new. Here is an example with Goofy form out last trip.

Here’s the normal pose shot:

and here is the shot of when I told the girls to do a silly face, [Goofy played along too]


Deadline for the submissions is midnight on Thursday 3-1-12. The winner will be announced on Friday 3-2-12 with the official release of the kit!

19 thoughts on “Sneak Peek giveaway!

  1. We had the girls play with Plutos ears one time. Chip and Dale are always fun to play with. They played keep away with my daughter’s hat. Can’t wait to see the new release!

  2. Chip & Dale are my daughter’s favorites, and she wears her trading pins on a Chip & Dale lanyard (with C&D medal)…when she approached them for a picture, they had so much fun pointing themselves out on her pins, lanyard and medal! Got some great pictures from it : )

  3. We tried to take the same picture every time we are there. We now have Disney growth chart in pictures. Some of our best character pictures are when the kids strike the same pose as the character.

  4. Usually my oldest son makes the pictures more interesting, he is always doing something related to the movie or a pose that relates to the character.
    This past trip i got a picture of him and Rafiki sitting on the floor meditating next to each other. Or him and Dug both with their tongues out, and hands/paws in front of their chest (okay Dug already has its tongue out). A classic is with Stitch either picking up their noses or ears.

  5. When my oldest son is able to come he always gets the characters to act their silliest. A few of our more memorable are him cuddling up nose to nose with Marie and him striking a fighting/karate pose with Mr. Incredible. πŸ™‚

  6. there is a whole thread over at the DIS boards that tells you things to say to characters to get reactions…here are a few ideas & then be sure to have your camera ready LOL!

    Ask Chip and Dale if they are squirrels…they go nuts!
    Tell Captain Hook….TICK TOCK TICK TOCK!!!
    Call Chip…Dale and Dale…Chip….very very funny reaction!
    When you see Cruella…. BARK!!!!
    Curtsy to the Queen of Hearts
    Boys kiss Princesses’ hands

    Here is the thread

  7. Some of the funniest photos we have had is when you call Chip and Dale by the wrong name…. They act all offended and will “reprimand” you. However one of the coolest photos was taken from the back with my daughter and Mickey facing Cinderella’s Castle

  8. We just returned from our first trip two weeks ago – our daughter is 6 years old. On our last day in the parks, we enjoyed breakfast at Akershus in Epcot and finished the day in MK. Daughter wore her Belle costume dress and to liven up our last day, my husband wore her tiara most of the day! So, as we explored the parks, not only was she addressed as “Princess”, but so was he! We were fortunate enough to just make the line in time to meet Woody & Jessie in FrontierLand. It seemed that Woody could see distance better than up-close. He would point to DH and laugh because of the tiara. It was entertainment for everyone all around. I commented that I shrunk the gown in the wash. Of course, when we made it to our “greet” time, our pictures include Princess and Princess. So much FUN!

    (Just found your site – love it – by the way of your Camp Minnie layouts. I want to learn how to digiscrap especially now since we have so many great pics from our magical trip.)

  9. My daughter was having a photo with Lilo & Stitch, when Stitch noticed she had one of those water misting bottles with the fan attached. In the movies, Lilo uses a water bottle to squirt Stich when he’s bad. He stole her bottle and had a great time squirting all of us. I guess he though we were being bad. Most fun we ever had with a character photo!

  10. I don’t wait for the characters to pose before I start shooting, some of the best pictures are while they are still playing with the kids.

  11. I agree with Kim. I start shooting pictures as soon as my grandson walks up to the characters and I tell the Photopass photographer to do the same. They are often hugging and playing and I’ve gotten some really great pictures that way. Of course, we still get the posed pictures, too. It’s fun to have them all. Thanks for the chance to win the new kit.

  12. I would suggest saying things to the characters that will get a reaction like others have mentioned above. You always get fun reactions that way. Also if you have pins or souvenirs featuring the character, show them that. I love meeet and greets. Love the sneak peek!!!

  13. Love the sneak peak. I’m so excited to see it!

    We have gotten great pictures of the characters getting my girls autographs in their own books! Stitch is especially funny. My 4 year old said after getting Stitch’s autograph, “That Stitch is crazy”. Well, Stitch heard and dropped what he was doing with someone else and ran after my 4 year old. It was a RIOT!!!

  14. I start snapping photos as my grandkids approach the characters. Some of my favorite photos are of the character interacting with the kids, or of them signing their autograph books. I love your ‘goofy’ photo of your girls and Goofy. I’m going to have to try that pose when we go again.

  15. I take photos from the moment we spot a character until the encounter is over and they have went to the next family or leaving to make a show. Some of the unposed everyday actions turn out to be some of the greatest photos. Looking forward to seeing the full reveal of your newest design.

  16. We’ve only taken our twin boys once at 20 months. But some of my favorite from that trip was when they would run up to the characters and give them a hug.

  17. LOVE the sneek peek! πŸ™‚

    I agree with some of the other posts about snapping away before the pose and how those can be some of the best pics! πŸ™‚

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