Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win!

Hello faithful followers! I am just loving the response of this promotion of the Sneak Peek Giveaway! My readers are just full of tips and tricks and I am learning so much on how to make my upcoming trip with my 3 girls as magical as possible! So….. I am gonna ask for some more advise. This week I would love to hear what your arrival day itinerary is like. What do you do the moment you get into the magic of the Disney Resort? After the obligatory business of checking in is done what is your first move? Where do you go and what do you do? Is it a relaxing tour of your resort, or do you head right to the buses and go to a park? Comment below and I will choose one lucky comment as the winner of my newest release.

54 thoughts on “Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win!

  1. We usually get in early afternoon and head for the pool (we’re from Canada). We enjoy the pool for the afternoon then head out for dinner, a couple of teaser rides and FIREWORKS!

  2. We’ve started a tradition by having breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal table before the park opens and then afterwards head directly to Space Mountain! My husband loves the princess breakfast.

  3. I like to totally unpack first so that I’m HOME. Then depending on the weather we hit the pool and read and veg. Then we go to a park in the late afternoon or early evening. Usually it’s MK so that we can have hot dogs at Casey’s.

  4. Depends on when you get in, but we usually hang out at the hotel for a few then go to Epcot and have dinner in one of the countries at world showcase (Via Napoli is our favorite right now) watch some wonderful fireworks and enjoy a trip around the world and possible stop by the Character Spot to get our Fab five fix.

  5. We usually check out the resort for a while. Then, depending on the time, we might pop in at Downtown Disney. For dinner, we like to get a reservation at one of the nicer resort restaurants, preferably a monorail one. Then we take a trip on the monorail after dinner. This might be our only chance to ride it, since staying onsite means bus transportation more often than not. The one year we didn’t make time to ride it, we had very sad kiddos!

  6. My husband is a planner so he usually has a schedule for almost every moment. I start to get excited the minute I see the Disney exit(s) on the freeway. From there, I am 6 years old again and all I can think of is Mickey!

  7. We arrived in the late afternoon so we were hungry! After check in we headed to Epcot for a few attraction and our first dinner reservation and then explored a little before finding a great spot to watch illumination.

  8. We unpack and then tour the resort and relax. Drinks by the pool, a nice relaxing dinner, shopping at the resort store. Sometimes Disney vacations are magical but not necessarily relaxing, so this gives us some time to just be quiet and relax before all of the park craziness starts.

  9. I am always excited to get to the park asap. Once there I love to go character searching and get pics and autographs. No character hunt is complete unless you go to toontown.

  10. We drive, so by the time we check in, we’ve been on the road for days, eating at fastfood, etc. type of places, so we’re usually ready for a good sit down meal. This time we were on the dining plan and had an ‘extra’ sit down meal to use so we headed to Whispering Canyon Cafe at The Wilderness Lodge. It’s one of our favorite places to go. An amazing, fun dining experience that just sets the magical mood for the rest of your trip. In the past, I plan this meal for our ‘down’ day (the day in the middle of the trip we don’t go into the parks, but swim at the resort- rest, etc-but this way we don’t need park admission). After dinner we went back to the hotel and the kids went swimming (kids will swim no matter how cold it is. We had private life guard patrol. My 3 kids alone in the pool, 5 life guards standing outside the pool in pants, coats and hats. LOL)- we didn’t, but you can always head over to one of the resorts on the monorail, like the Grand Floridian and watch the fireworks (they pipe in the music).

  11. Kelly thanks for a chance to win your new kit….We take the first flight out in the morning so we can get down Disney early, check-in and head straight to the Magic Kingdom . After taking our annual picture in front of the Mickey Head we make our way to Fantasyland to get our fast pass for Peter Pan or Winnie The Pooh…The first day we always have lunch at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight CafΓ©. When we get our text that our room is ready, we head back to our resort to unpack, clean-up and make sure we are back to the Magic Kingdom to see the parade and fireworks

  12. With a little girl, we like to save the Magic Kingdom until after we’ve done some other parks since we know that will be the highlight of the trip for her. Our travel day varies depending on what time we get there. But, on our first full day in the park we go to Animal Kingdom. We make the last breakfast reservations we can get at Tusker House. This is one of our daughter’s FAVORITES! It’s a safari themed character breakfast buffet with Donald, Mickey, Goofy & Daisy and fabulous food. By booking the last reservation it gives us time to get into the park early and do the big stuff before they get too crowded and the crowd at the meal starts to thin out by the time we get there so we have lots of time with the characters. Plus, by having a small breakfast before we head out in the morning, this ends up being breakfast food for lunch.

  13. For awhile, we really didn’t have a tradition, we’d just go where the mood struck. Then one trip, my nephew (who was 14 at the time) said “we really haven’t arrived at WDW until we walk down Main Street and see the castle” So ever since then, we head to MK first thing after we check in. When we go in April, even though my nephew is in college and isn’t able to go with us, MK is the first park we are going to! πŸ™‚

  14. Thanks for the chance to win…I’m seeing PETER PAN in that preview!!!! It really depends on when we get there, etc. I NEVER plan a trip without His site it AWESOME and so under priced at $23 or so!! He tells you which parks to go to on which dates and time of the day! He also has touring plans and tells you when attractions will be closed, etc. He also helps you with planning meals, best viewing spots for parades and fireworks and just great tips for not waiting in lines FOREVER! Typically we like to do Chef Mickey’s for dinner on arrival day because we get our character fix and can watch the fireworks from the Contemporary and ride the monorail, etc. Last trip, it was me & dh and another couple, all of us celebrating our 15th anniversary without the kids. We explored the resort and had dinner and then checked out the resort at night. We were able to see fireworks from our resort and then went over our plan for the next day, which started with breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. Unless we have park hoppers, we don’t go to a resort in the middle of the day because of the crowds, etc. and we feel it is a waste of a day…this last trip was the 1st time we stayed on property so it was so awesome to just explore the resort! Thanks again for the chance!!

  15. We almost always check in and spend a couple hours relaxing from the traveling and exploring the resort and then we head to Magic Kingdom for a couple of our favorite rides and of course Magic Kingdom Fireworks which are my favorite!!!

  16. When we go to Disneyland Paris, we usually start with a hotdog at Casey’s and then move on to Fantasyland. No matter who I take with me to Disneyland, I have to do things in this order πŸ™‚

  17. We usually arrive in the afternoon so on the very first day we typically tour the resort, head to downtown disney or if we do have a park ticket for that day, head to Epcot! Can’t wait to see the new kit! Thanks for the chance.

  18. As soon as we get there we immediately hit the parks for the food and fun in the MK. From sun up to sun down we are in Disney. Only come back to the hotel just to sleep. πŸ™‚

  19. Well, we usually arrive too late in the evening for a trip to the park, so we go and get some short downtime by letting the kids roam around the hotel and then it’s bedtime so we are fully energized for the next day at the parks!

  20. depending on what time you arrive at the resort. We arrived late afternoon, so we took a trip to the local walmart to buy snacks and juice for the time that we will be there, then head back to the hotel to relax. Have a swim in the pool, eat at the hotel or order pizza:) early night for the kids as its already been a long day, and go over what you are going to do the next day…if u only have a few hours left that the park is going to be open, its a waste of the park ticket for that day. It worked great for us and we will be doing the same again in Jan when we go for the 2nd time:) Hmm…new kit…peter pan maybe…..

  21. We try to get there in the afternoon and check in to the hotel. It is then straight to the parks…normally to MK. Hitting some rides and finding characters before watching fireworks if it’s a Wishes night. To start our vacation with a bang! πŸ™‚

  22. It depends… If we arrive late morning/afternoon, we are most likely to spend some time unpacking and just hanging out at the resort, swimming, etc. We might even make a trip to Downtown Disney or a trip to the grocery store for food and snacks. If we arrive early in the morning, we will check in to our resort and then hit one of the parks. If we can’t be there (at the parks) right when they open, we are most likely going to skip the parks that day. We’ve found early morning is the best time to get on the rides without real long lines. But, even on our non-park days, we always find plenty of fun things to do to keep us busy!

  23. Hit the Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland, as early as possible! Be sure you have set up appointments/reservations in advance, like for the Cinderella castle lunch or Cinderella/Princess experience.

    If you don’t have a full day, go to one of the smaller parks, like Hollywood Studios, but you have to head straight to Midway Mania and get a fast pass!

  24. My son (he’s 4) loves Mickey so the first thing we do after check-in is head to MK and stop in to get Mickey’s autograph. My son says “now the fun can begin!” once he has that autograph. Then we stroll down main street and take in the sight of the castle!!

  25. After unpacking, we like to check out the resort we are staying out. We have never stayed at the same one twice. Since we drive in and are usually ther after lunch we don’t go to the parks til ear

  26. I’ve only been to WDW once since I was a child with our 2yo and we drove down and stayed in a house we rented in Kissimee. We got everything unpacked and had to go to the local Wal-Mart( it was so close we could have walked) for groceries. It was a Saturday so we figured the park would be crazy and went to the beach for the rest of the day. On Sun we went to Sea World and then finally, on Monday we were so excited to see all the animals we went to Animal Kingdom first. It was so great we went back later in the week! The next time we go hopefully we can plan some special Disney meals with the characters. My husband and I knew nothing about planning for Disney except what the Birnbaum’s travel book said. This time we know you have to schedule these things in advance! Kit looks like Peter Pan! YAY!

  27. Thanks for the great sneak peak, I can’t wait to see this one! We always start our vacation at the Magic Kingdom. It varies where we start once we get there, but we always have to see the castle first thing!

  28. The last few trips we have done the same thing so perhaps it has become a “tradition” for us. We like to unpack just a bit and know that it’s out of the way and we are ready for our fun-filled vacation week. We typically head over to Downtown Disney to soak up some of the happy vibes and do a little shopping. I love getting an idea of the goodies I’ll want to have during the week and if there is anything we are looking for, we go ahead and get it so we don’t have to worry about it during our park days. As the afternoon, early evening goes by, our anticipation for our first “real day” builds as we know in the morning we’ll be up and ready to hit a park and ready to go! Have a great time πŸ™‚

  29. We always have to start off with the Magic Kingdom with the kids, but it will not be the same without arriving on the monorail. After working our way up to the castle, my wife and I walk down to the gazebo, which I rented out and proposed to her eight (gonna be 9) years ago and tell the kids all about it. And we let the kids, 5 and 2 dictate the days events and who they want to meet.

  30. We always go to the Beach Club resort (Beaches and Cream) and enjoy a Kitchen sink. My girls think the fuss that the staff makes is hilarious and we eat ice cream for dinner (what kid doesn’t love that)!!! The Kitchen sink is like 25 dollars and is every kind of ice cream they have topped with multiple toppings and extras. Thanks for the chance to win and I hope you all have a wonderful Disney vacation πŸ™‚

  31. We usually arrive in the late afternoon, so we like to get unpacked and settled in – maybe take a stroll around the resort and then head to one of the nicer restaurants to have a nice leisurely dinner. Boatwright’s is our favorite. Thanks for the chance to win Kelly, and I hope you and your girls have as much fun at Disney as we always do!!

  32. Every time we go its different it depends on how many days we are staying and how many parks we are visiting. Last time we went there, we just stayed for two nights and visited two parks so, we go driving and head directly to epcot center, had some food in the countries area and then start running, so we donΒ΄t miss anything, after the park closes we check in at the resort. Now my advice would be if you have time, check in at the resort, relax at the pool, have a nice dinner and SLEEP early, wake up early have breakfast in a place where there is character breakfast, and that gets you disneyready. Thank you for the chance to win I think its Peterpan, IΒ΄d really love to win it.

  33. We are heading to Disney World in June for our 13th trip. I can’t wait! We always drive and usually arrive in the early afternoon. If you are staying “on property” I would advise taking advantage of the late night magic hours if they are available. On our last trip, we were able to get into our room early and got everything unpacked and set up. Then we roamed around the hotel (Bay Lake Towers) and got familiar with where everything was. Next we hopped on the monorail and hit Magic Kingdom until about 1:00 am. It was nice that we didn’t have to unpack when we got back to the room.

  34. We’ve had 3 different arrival itineraries for our last trips. I loved the last one the most…we arrived and our room wasn’t ready so we literally headed STRAGITH to Magic Kingdom! You have to get right into the swing of things! LOL

  35. We start our trips with dinner at Chef Mickey’s and then we head right to Downtown Disney and get out shop on πŸ™‚ The kids love to start the trip with getting some new pins and maybe a few new toys. Can’t wait to see the new kit, it looks great…..

  36. We leave for our fist WDW trip in exactly 30 days! Our plan right now is to get there and chill out at the hotel for a while. We’re having an early dinner at 1900 Park Fare and then going to Animal Kingdom.

    Love the sneak peek! Your new kit looks like it will be awesome.

  37. We’re always SO excited to get to the park so we get up real early so we can be standing there when they open the doors to get in. We go to Disney Land so we usually go to Disney land before we go in to California Adventures. And we like to go get a fast past right away usually to either Space Mountain or Indiana. Then what ever one we get a fast past for we run to the other one and get on it. That way we get the rides done that have the longest lines during the day. I can’t wait to go again its been since before I had my babies that we’ve gone. But we have plans to go this coming fall after my twins 2nd birthday! I can’t wait!!!

  38. Thanks for another chance to win one of your fabulous kits! When we visit Disneyland, the first thing we do is something “new” – maybe a new attraction that wasn’t there last time, or maybe an attraction that was there before, but one the kids weren’t tall enough for last time, so it is “new” to us! After that we visit each person’s most favorite attraction so we’re sure to get those in at least once! Love looking at all the tips! Thanks again!

  39. On the day we arrive, we don’t want to waste a park entrance when we only have half a day left – plus there are so many other great things to do. After we get settled, we go to Downtown Disney and have lunch/dinner at The Earl of Sandwich (their kid’s pizza panini is awesome!) and dessert at Ghirardelli’s Ice Cream and Chocolate shop (fantastic ice cream sundaes). Then it is fun just to walk around all the shops in Downtown Disney. We like to get photos with the Whinnie the Pooh sculpture (near the Rainforest Cafe) and the princesses outside the big, big Disney store. After that we might ride the monorail to see some of the other sites. You can walk around the Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex cafe without having to eat there – they are a destination in themselves! If it is early enough, we’ll do a round of mini golf at Mickey’s Winter Summerland (right next to the Blizzard Beach parking lot) it is the coolest, most fun mini-golf you will ever try!). Finally, if it is a lovely night you can always take Disney transportation to the Polynesian or Wilderness Lodge Resorts and watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from either of their beaches. More often than not, we go to bed early so we can be up bright and early and be one of the first in line at whatever park has magic hours the next morning. Have fun! Can’t wait for the kit reveal.

  40. Since our trip always includes an early flight we like to check in and grab lunch. We then unpack, nap, swim and generally chill out. We then head to Chef Mickey for an early dinner. There is no better way to start a WDW vacation than with the fab 5. If we can we also like to fd the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise. After Mickey the fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle is the next best thing. Then after all this it is back to bed and get ready for day 2.

  41. My husband and I both love the World Showcase so Epcot is our first park to visit. We usually manage to hit the park on the extra hours day so we have plenty of time to ride the rides in the front and then spend the rest of the day at the World Showcase. Of course no trip to Epcot is complete until you ride Soarin, Test Track and Mission to Mars.

  42. We take it easy the day we arrive. We check in and then head to downtown Disney to shop and have a nice lunch/dinner. Then hit the bed early to get to the parks early the next morning well rested.

  43. We usually get in early afternoon, so we unpack and head for an early dinner and fireworks! We love dinner at the Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary and then take the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom for Wishes (and maybe a ride or two if the park is open late enough)!

  44. I’ve never been to Disney World, but are Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders. Since we can take our time, we tend to pick a couple of rides each and just stroll around the park. I hope you enjoy your trip! πŸ™‚

  45. We usually arrive on a Saturday, and after checking in at the hotel, will run to the grocery store to get some staples for the week. In the evening, we’ll either hit a park for a nighttime show/fireworks, or go to Downtown Disney and grab some dinner.

  46. Boy, our itinerary has changed so much. My daughter is grown now and so a lot of times it is just my husband and I. It is really different without the kids. We are going again, (2 weeks from today actually πŸ™‚ ) and my daughter and partner are going with us. Being alll adults, this will be a relaxing trip. We are staying at the Dolphin so we will get unpacked and then, since we are going to get there in the evening, walk over to Boardwalk and go to ESPN for dinner. We then usually go to Kimono’s at the Swan for some Karaoke and relaxation (maybe a little golfing at Fantasia Mini Golf as it is in walking distance from the Resorts. The next morning will start the parks. We have no time frame, just enjoy the sites, shows and fun.

  47. Should be a dream coming true.I’ve never been there but I dream of it.
    Thanks for the chance!Love your great kits!Always fabulous and well done! πŸ˜‰

  48. We will be going to Disney in about two weeks and have prepurchased a 5 day pass to the 4 main parks (Disney, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios). Since we will be arriving later in the afternoon on our first day, we will just stroll through Pleasure Island (Downtown Disney) and pick out a place to eat. We’ll probably also stop at the grocery store to get a few things for our hotel room. Then we plan on hitting Disney on our first full day and a different park thereafter, ending with the Disney park again. Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. Depending on where we stay, we usually grab something to eat. We drive down from Michigan every year so, by the time we get checked-in, we are STARVING! If it’s hot out (we go in October and it’s hit or miss) when we arrive, we usually hit the pool and have quick service meal. If it’s not, we may drive to downtown disney and have dinner there. We’ve had table service meals planned before on our arrival day but, traffic has mad us late and I felt SOOOO rushed. So, we just decided that arrival day dinner is whatever we feel like when we get there.

  50. Once checked into the hotel- It’s surely Time to head to the PARK. Even if it’s only for a couple hours,depending on the arrivel time. Must see MICKEY FIRST and Take Pictures with HIM- Because that is what DISNEY is ALL ABOUT. I Have to go give him a KISS HELLO and tell him HOW HAPPY HE MAKES ME and how HAPPY I am to see him again. That makes his day and mine too.
    After that any other characters are an EXTRA BONUS to see on the first day.
    Then walk around the park see what is new and what has changed. Stop to get something to eat- take a ride or two, and take as many pictures as I can to use All your Great KITS that I have collected. LOVE THEM ALL. Hope you have a great trip.

  51. We usaully head to the pool the 1st day…getting up early to catch a flight, little sleep the night before, the Magical Express bus ride and just checking in all takes a toll on the Children…it is just nice to hang out with a free day. WDW is all about planning and schedules, characters to meet and dinner reservations to keep. It is nice to have down time an justt enjoy the resort!

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