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Here’s what I have for you this week:

This week’s question:  How many times have you visited Walt Disney Parks?

Leave your answer below in the comment section and one lucky person will be randomly chosen as a winner!  All comments must be posted by Thursday, September 21, at 8 p.m. to be eligible.

25 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. Probably 100’s of times for Walt Disney World, but we are lucky to have lived in Florida for 25 years and even had season passes when we lived in Virginia before that. I’ve never visited the other parks yet, but we have plans to one year with our grown children.

  2. I have only been to walt disney world two different times to consist of 20 days. Disneyland is probably close to 100 different days. Paris next year.
    Thanks for another change to win a fabulous kit.

  3. I lived in Anaheim & worked at Disneyland so I have no idea how many times. Now that I am on the east coast, I have been to WDW 8 times since 2008. Never been to the other parks but want to!!

    Thanks for another great kit coming out!

  4. Well over 200 visits to Disneyland (just since adulthood/15 years), likely about 40 to Disney World (and my first trip there was only 8 years ago). Far too few in my opinion! lol!

  5. I don’t even know how many times. I grew up in CA and went to Disneyland all the time. Now I go to WDW most of the time, since it’s closer to me.

  6. Went to DisneyWorld for our honeymoon in 1982 when it only consisted of Magic Kingdom. Epcot was opening in October of that year. We have been there 7 times since 1993. I know it doesn’t seem like many to those who get to go every couple of years!

  7. About 20 times. Once to California as a teen. No matter how many times I’ve been there is always something new to see. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. We are in the UK and since our first trip in 2009 we’ve been to WDW 4 times for 21 days each time, been on one DisneyCruise and been to Paris 12 times totalling 45 days, thats 145 days at Disney in the last 7 years and in 72 days we will be back at Disneyland Paris and in 333 we will be at WDW 🙂 Disney holidays are the best ever. Id love to visit California, Tokyo and Aulani #FutureGoals I’m super jealous of everyone who lives near California or Orlando. I’m loving reading how many times everyones been, its always perfect and magical weather its your first visit or 100th ºoº

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